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The near-perfect Progressive Era essays

The near-perfect Progressive Era essays From the rise of the twentieth century until 1920, the Progressive Era took shape. The economy became dominated by corporate giants just as workers began to unionize. This reform movement known as progressivism arose in response to problems caused by industrialization. The Progressive Era shone at a time when America was battling social upheavals caused by industrialization, while having only a few coercive dimensions. Most of the progressives accepted the capital system, but only wanted to modify it. There was no unified movement, though, as everyone wanted to reform different things. Jane Addams was a pioneer of social work. She founded the settlement of Hull House in Chicago, Illinois. Margaret Sanger wanted to educate the urban poor about the benefits of family planning through birth control. She founded an organization that came to be known as Planned Parenthood. Booker T. Washington, a former slave, focused on teaching African-Americans trade skills to earn a living. He founded the Tuskegee Institute. Finally, W.E.B. Dubois founded NAACP. Dubois was a Harvard-educated professor who focused on a liberal arts education for African-Americans. Social reformers were widespread in their different reformation goals. Another major force in the Reformation was the muckrakers. Muckrakers was a term coined by Theodore Roosevelt to describe individuals who investigated corruption and other problems concerning the American people. Many of their novels were so moving that they brought about results. Jacob Riis was the author of How the Other Half Lives(1890). This novel described the living conditions of urban poor, and resulted in new building codes in NYC to promote health and safety. Frank Norriss The Octopus (1901) exposed monop olistic railroad practices in California. It led to the breakup of the holding company controlling the railroad in Northern Securities V. U.S. (1904). Finally, Upton Si...

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Restructuring the Siemens Company Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Restructuring the Siemens Company - Case Study Example There are a number of definitions of corporate restructuring ranging. Froud (2000) defines restructuring as the collective activities that involve the introduction of financial instruments, dissolution, increasing equity ownership and reduction of corporate assets. Usui (1996) defines restructuring as activities that a corporate engages in when under pressure, Bowman (1999) on the hand states that restructuring involves the reorganisation of division, streamlining of operations and spun offs with the aim of improving performance and restructuring is the utilisation of assets in a more productive way in order to improve share holder returns. Bowman (1999) states that there are three modes of restructuring which include portfolio restructuring, financial restructuring and organisational restructuring. Portfolio restructuring include those actions aimed at changing the asset mix owned by a firm and they include spin offs and sale of assets. Financial restructuring on the other hand are those actions aimed at changing the capital structure of a company and they include leveraged buyout and debt equity swap. Finally organisational restructuring involve changes in the organisation structure of the firm and they include redesigning and employee downsizing. Restructuring has both negative and positive impacts. Positive impacts include enhanced productivity, reduced production costs and increased shareholders' wealth and Negative impacts include lay offs. Bowman (1999) states that performance is determined by market performance and accounting performance. Market performance relates to change in the share prices of a company after restructuring while accounting performance relates to changes in profit, return on investment and equity. Restructuring in the Siemens Company: Restructuring of the company started in 1966 whereby the company the company organised its production into division and there was decentralisation of control, this was aimed at improving the response to consumer requirements, the division included data system, power engineering, electrical installation, medical engineering, components and electrical installations which all worked independently, Siemens (2009) states that sales during these years ranged at DM 10 billion a year and employment was approximately 270,000 employees. Further restructuring efforts were evident in the year 1969 when the company made it possible for employees to purchase shares at discounted prices. In 1990 further changes were implemented, the seven units were further divided into 15 units, (Siemens (2009)) Before 1990 over 60% of Siemens consumers were public institutions, this protected the company from fluctuating prices in the market and product prices remained relatively constant, privatisation of public institutions began in the 1990's and this led to a decline in domestic sales, because the domestic market was already saturated the company opted to expand its market size by investing abroad, in 1985 domestic sales amounted to 53% and only 10% in the US and by the year 2001 domestic sales am

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Employing Strategy in a Competitive Environment Assignment

Employing Strategy in a Competitive Environment - Assignment Example Google’s income still mainly comes from only one source; that means that the company is lacking in product integration. Google has also been on the receiving end of litigation from competitors such as ‘Yahoo!’ and Microsoft. In addition, Google has a lot of competition from a different search engine, Baidu, in China- which is potentially its largest market (Wheelen and Hunger, 2010). Google has also faced accusations of the intrusion of privacy of personal accounts. Google has to look for other ways to make money other than depending on advertisements (Salis, 2009). Diversification will ensure that its profits are not affected even when it is involved in suits initiated by its rivals over different products. Google also has to ensure that it remains at the front of cutting-edge technology in terms of its offerings because its rivals have invested a lot of capital in coming up with offerings that will dislodge Google from its position as the foremost search engine. Google should also invest more in informing customers of its product offerings. It would seem that there are Google has numerous products such as Google+, which mostly remain unknown by its many customers. Even if people know about them, they are unsure of how to operate them. This means that there is a need for more extensive advertising in order to reach customers. Competitive Advantages over Rivals Google enjoys a number of competitive advantages that have propelled it to the front of the search engine market. Google allow customers to be able to access websites in a direct and easy manner. The other search engines often have different advertisements and other offerings that users have to navigate through before reaching their preferred websites. Google has also invested a lot in ensuring that users can surf through different pages at a fast rate. Every search allows the search engine to ‘acquire’ more abilities; thus allowing it to deliver different results at a fa ster rate (Levy, 2011). To duplicate such operations, Google’s rivals would have to undergo a lengthy re-structuring process. Google also allows its users to be able to make money through the ‘Google AdSense’ program - which is something that is not offered by other search engines (Wheelen and Hunger, 2010). Google also provides analytics tools for its customers that can make different search words more comprehensible. For instance, a word like ‘script’ has different connotations; with each meaning being of great significance to a definite group of people. Google also has additional operations such as book and music applications. Competitors Microsoft Corporation is a global corporation which deals in the information technology industry and is one of Google’s main competitors. Google has cornered the market in software by investing in the transaction of software services. Moreover, it still has a lot of work to do to move clearly ahead of Micr osoft. One way in which it can do this is by increasing the rate at which new innovations are made. Google needs to take advantage of collaborative arrangements such as teamwork in realizing objectives so that new products are created at a faster rate. In addition, Google has to further diversify its portfolio so that it has other sources of income and is not just dependent on web advertisements. This will also attract investors who may be reluctant to invest in a company, no matter how

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Adopting Children by Same Sex Parent Essay Example for Free

Adopting Children by Same Sex Parent Essay People in society say that everyone is equal, they have equal right and freedom. However in case of adopting children, people believe that same sex parents are abnormal to adopting children. Some people in society against them to adopting but there are many same sex couples who are seeking to adopt children. The researcher of homosexuality found that many people still do not reveal their sexual orientation to others. Also, same sex couples are not acceptable from some people in society, according to www. gay-adoption. s. On the contrast, some people believe that same sex adoption is normal and it should be acceptable, according to the right human campaign, a national gay and lesbian advocacy group. Although there are many people against same sex couple to adopting children, same sex couples should be allowed to adopt children because they have equal rights and they can be good parents for a child who lacks love and home. Moreover, children in the United State of America and many countries around the world are waiting for adoption. There are about 520,000 children in welfare, according to the North American Council on Adoptable Children in St. Paul. In addition there have 120,000 are available for adoption, but only 50,000 find permanent homes each year. However, although same sex couples want to adopt children, they are against by heterosexual parents for several reasons including it is unnatural to allowed same sex to be a parent, same sex parents cannot give stability to children and most people believed that only heterosexual parents can be good parents. Firstly, it is unnatural to allow homosexual couples to be a parent. They cannot be good parents. Also, it is not safe for children to live with same sex parents. The best environment for well-being of children is a household with a mother and father because children should have a role model. Adopting by same sex parents can effects to children. For instance, children who is raised in a homosexual household are significantly more likely to be homosexual themselves because they have only one role model in one gender, and get involved in homosexual behavior than children raised in heterosexual households, according to a research in the US (University of Illinois Law Review, 1997). In a study published in the January 1996 issue of Developmental Psychology, London researchers Susan Golombok and Fiona Tasker found that it danger for children that live with same sex parents. However, the sexual orientation of parents has no influence on the sexual orientation of their children and that children of lesbian and same sex parents are not more likely than any other children to grow up to be homosexual, according to Children of gay fathers, Gay and Lesbian Parents (p. 9-57) In addition, children can manage their life to be what they want to be by themselves, however they are raised by homosexual parents but it is not determine that they may have the same behavior as their same sex parents. Moreover, same sex parents can give a responsibility and love to children as well as a heterosexual because they are a human who can teach and give love to a child. As such, it would be wrong to deny same sex parents to adopt children. Also, good parenting is not controlled by sexual orientation, same sex parents can support children and give love to them that show they can be a good parent same as a heterosexual. Secondly, the reason why people believe same sex parents should not be allowed to adopt is stability, so it is important in raising an emotionally and mentally healthy child. The way to children grow up happily may need a role model, so children need a role model of both genders that are male and female in order to develop a properly. If children raise in homosexual household, it influence to children will lacks information of other gender. Children’s primary role models are his or her parents that cause bringing a heterosexual up in a homosexual household can gives children a misrepresented view of sexuality. Homosexual couples simply cannot give the stability that heterosexual parents can give to children. Although most people believe that bringing a heterosexual child up by same sex parents give them a distorted view of sexuality, some babies are born with a predisposition to homosexuality and their upbringing will not affect their sexuality. Almost of homosexuals couples do not want to force children to be homosexual like them. According to Major associations of mental health professionals in the United stated of America, same sex parents are not an unfit and capable as heterosexual parents that they lead children are as happily, healthy and well adjusted as a child who is raised by heterosexual parents. In addition, a studies shows that children raised by single heterosexual parents have more difficulties than children who have same sex parents. Moreover the study shows that children did better in moderation, self-esteem, and had less psychosocial difficulties at home and at school, according to the study of Same-Sex Parents Raise Well-Adjusted Kids. The last reason is widely agreed that only heterosexual parents can be a good parent and they are appropriate to give love, warm, and home to children. Children should have opportunities to thrive in heterosexual parents with a mother and father based family. Heterosexual parents are the best because a child should be raised in loving, well-disciplined homes where children have good role models from their heterosexual parents, also avoiding children grow up to be a homosexual, according to study of gender identity disorder and psychosexual problems in children and adolescents. In addition, avoiding from criminal because homosexuals are more likely to molest children, such as rape them. It is danger to children’s life and causes many troubles to society. However, there are about 500,000 children in welfare nationally in the United state and about 100,000 children need to be adopted. So it is shows thousands of children lacks a permanent home and lacks love from parents, according to the statistics of the study of critical shortage of adoptive and foster parents in the United States. If they are only allowed heterosexual parents in adoption, the child who lives in foster care will lacks family and as in Florida more than 2,000 children in welfare are waiting for adoption according to the state of Florida’s statistics. In addition, there are not enough heterosexual parents who are interested in adoption and foster care. There are some arguments of adopting children by same sex parents because most people feel that only traditional homes with a father and a mother are appropriate and have equal right as heterosexual parents to adopt children, according to issue about facts on gay adoption. However, society is change that leads everyone has equal rights. Therefore same sex parents are human being who should be allowed to adopt children. All people should have equal rights because the child in same sex family appear to be normal, and also same sex parents are not appear to harm child, according to Homosexuality and Family Relations. If homosexual parents can support their children, same sex couples can be as good parents as heterosexual parents. As such, same sex parents are the same as other people who can support children, such as, they give love to children, pay taxes, go to work. It shows that being homosexual is not a mental disorder. In addition, nowadays there are thousands children have no permanent homes, and they are waiting for adoption. It is shows that same sex parents are one of those who help children to have love and home. Therefore, people should not determine only about sexuality of those who want to adopt children. As Mary Bonauto of Boston-based same sex couples Avocates and defenders said that, â€Å" Sexual orientation is not the issue, ability of parent is issue. †

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Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Essay -- Biology

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate and is the immediate supply of energy for biological processes. The ATP consists of an organic nitrogenous base, Adenosine, which is one of the four bases found in a DNA strand, it also consists of a ribose sugar with three phosphates joined by high energy bonds. The energy itself is stored in the form of high-energy chemical bonds; this energy is released on hydrolysis, i.e. by the reaction with water, in a similar way peptide bonds are hydrolysed in proteins. ATP is adapted to is highly suited to its function and role within living organisms as it is easily broken down and is thus a store for immediate energy; it is also a small molecule and can easily move around cells and through membranes. The production of ATP is usually associated with two principalities including respiration and mitochondria. It is common knowledge that respiration, which happens in all living organisms, produces energy and is expressed by the equation of: Glucose + Oxygen Carbon Dioxide + Water + Energy Respiration can be, aerobic, occurring in an oxygenated environment or anaerobic, occurring in oxygen lacking environments. The latter producing 2 molecules of ATP and the former producing between 36- 38 ATP molecules. The energy released from the respiration of glucose is used to add inorganic phosphate to ADP, producing ATP. This is achieved by glycolysis, krebs cycle and oxidative phosphorylation which are cumulatively known to be involved in aerobic cellular respiration. As we shall see, this process makes use of co-enzymes such as ADP and Dehydrogenases such as NAD+. Glycolysis occurs in the cytoplasm of a cell and involves the production of 2 molecules of pyruvate which occurs when glucose undergoes phosphorylation, lysis and then oxidation, yielding pyruvate and 2 molecules of ATP along with 2 molecules of reduced NAD. In aerobic respiration only the reduced NAD generated here enters a mitochondrion and goes into the electron transport chair where it is used to generate 6 molecules of ATP. Hence, the net ATP produced from glycolysis are 8 molecules of ATP. The next stage is krebs cycle which occurs in the matrix of the mitochondria, the resulting product from oxdative decarboxylation of pyruvate is progressively degraded by as series of reactions involving four dehydrogenations, two decarboxylations and ... ...P the hexose would not be formed and none of the compounds would be produced, thus the plant would not exist. ATP is used in active transport in plants, similar to the kidney in humans. The absorption of minerals, such as nitrates & phosphates require ATP, which are present in root hair cells. These nitrates and phosphates are used in protein and chlorophyll synthesis as well as synthesis of DNA, ATP and NADP, which are essential to the plants growth. However, the mineral salts which are carried in solution by the symplast or apoplast pathway need to cross the endodermal barrier, which is impermeable. They cross the endodermal barrier by active transport and continue their journey in solution as ions in the xylem. In conclusion, ATP is adapted to its function and is probably one of the most important molecules in biological processes; it is produced in the mitochondria but is used all over the human body and is equally important in plants, where it is produced in the thylakoids. ATP is essential for survival as it allows the growth of autotrophs and thus supports all the food chains in the world, and also is important in maintaining and controlling the human internal environment.

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Review Assessment: Online Assignment One S2 2012 Essay

1.The service department cost allocation method that completely ignores reciprocal services between service departments is called the: Answer Selected Answer: direct method. 2.In order to have a high-quality finished product: Answer Selected Answer: the product’s design specifications must meet customers’ expectations AND the product must meet the standards of its design. 3.The ‘direct method’ ignores the fact that: Answer Selected Answer: some service departments provide services to other service departments 4.Refer to the following data. Direct material used$150 000 Selling costs$5 000 Indirect labour$7 000 Administrative costs$10 000 Depreciation on factory equipment$70 000 Direct labour$40 000 Overtime premiums paid$20 000 Indirect materials$45 000 The product costs are: Answer Selected Answer: $332 000 5.The Casual Furniture Company manufactures outdoor furniture, and incurred the following costs during the month of January. Timber$25 000 Paint$5 000 Glue$500 Wages—assembly personnel$20 000 Wages—factory supervisor$3 500 Factory cleaner’s wages$2 000 Sales commissions$10 000 Administrative staff salaries$4 000 Depreciation—factory equipment$3 000 Depreciation—sales office equipment$1 000 Utilities, insurance—factory$6 000 Utilities, insurance—sales office$2 000 Advertising$8 000 Total costs$90 000 The manufacturing overhead is: Correct Answer: $15 000 6.Cost of Goods Manufactured = Beginning Work in Process + Total Manufacturing Costs – Ending Work in Process. Answer Selected Answer: True 7.When recording inventory in the financial statements, the accounting standards prescribe that the companies use the lower of cost or net realisable value. Answer Selected Answer: True 8.The Lots More Store has a Janitorial Department and a Personnel Department that provide services to three Sales Departments. The Janitorial Department cost is allocated based on space and the Personnel Department cost is allocated based on employees. The following information is available. PersonnelJanitorialSalesSalesSales DeptDept#1#2#3 Budget$45 000$30 000 Space (sq m)4 0001 00020 00030 00050 000 No. of Employees510154530 Using the step-down method, calculate the amount of Janitorial Department cost allocated to Sales Department #2, if the Personnel Department is allocated first. Answer Selected Answer: $10 350 9.Quality of conformance refers to: Answer Selected Answer: the degree to which the product meets its design specifications. 10.Which of the following is not an objective of management accounting? Answer Selected Answer: Providing information for profit and loss statements 11.Appraisal costs refer to costs incurred: Correct Answer: in determining whether defects exist. 12.Leisure Life manufactures a variety of sporting equipment. The firm’s predetermined overhead application rate was 150 per cent of direct labour cost. Job 101 included direct materials of $15 000 and direct labour of $6 000. The manufacturing overhead applied to Job 101 during the year was: Answer Selected Answer: $9 000 13.Which of the following is not a cost of quality? Answer Selected Answer: Productive inefficiency cost 14.If production increases, variable cost will: Correct Answer: remain constant on a per unit basis. 15.The service department cost allocation method that fully accounts for the mutual provision of services between service departments is called the: Answer Selected Answer: reciprocal method. 16.Which of the following statements is correct? Answer Selected Answer: Cost accounting is a subset of management accounting. 17.Richardson & Sons purchased direct material worth $15 000 during the most recent period. At the end of the period the direct material account balance was $6 000 larger than the beginning balance. Cost of goods sold was $150 000. Overhead is applied at 50 per cent of direct labour cost. Other account balances are: BeginningEnding Work in process$75 000$20 000 Finished goods$110 000$60 000 What is the amount of prime cost added to production for the period? Answer Selected Answer: $33 000 18.Product costs comprise: Answer Selected Answer: direct materials, direct labour and manufacturing overhead. 19.The flow of manufacturing costs through the system is: Answer Selected Answer: raw materials inventory; work in process inventory; finished goods inventory; cost of goods sold. 20.Whether a cost is classified as direct or indirect will depend on: Answer Selected Answer: the nature of the cost object AND whether the cost can be economically traced to the cost object. 21.Barrett Industries began the month of June with a finished goods inventory of $15 000. The finished goods inventory at the end of June was $10 000 and the cost of goods sold during the month was $20 000. The cost of goods manufactured during the month of June was: Answer Selected Answer: $15 000 22.In the manufacturing firm, inventories consist of: Answer Selected Answer: raw materials, work in process and finished goods. 23.Which of the following statements is correct in relation to determining whether a cost is direct or indirect? Answer Selected Answer: The wider the definition of the cost object the more costs that will be direct costs. 24.Refer to the following data. Direct material used$150 000 Selling costs$5 000 Indirect labour$7 000 Administrative costs$10 000 Depreciation on factory equipment$70 000 Direct labour$40 000 Overtime premiums paid$20 000 Indirect materials$45 000 The prime costs are: Answer Selected Answer: $190 000 25.A courier company may view kilometres driven as a possible cost driver. Answer Selected Answer: True 26.Rappaport Corporation reported the following data for the month of February: The direct materials cost for February is: Answer Selected Answer: $88,000 27.During the month of August, direct labor cost totaled $13,000 and direct labor cost was 20% of prime cost. If total manufacturing costs during August were $88,000, the manufacturing overhead was: Answer Selected Answer: $23,000 28. Rappaport Corporation reported the following data for the month of February: The adjusted cost of goods sold that appears on the income statement for February is: Answer Selected Answer: $240,000 29.A partial listing of costs incurred at Peggs Corporation during September appears below: The total of the period costs listed above for September is: Answer Selected Answer: $318,000 30.The following data pertain to Harriman Company’s operations during July: The ending finished goods inventory was: Answer Selected Answer: $7,000 31.For the current year, Paxman Company incurred $150,000 in actual manufacturing overhead cost. The Manufacturing Overhead account showed that overhead was overapplied in the amount of $6,000 for the year. If the predetermined overhead rate was $8.00 per direct labor-hour, how many hours were worked during the year? Answer Selected Answer: 19,500 hours 32.Management of Berndt Corporation has asked your help as an intern in preparing some key reports for August. The beginning balance in the raw materials inventory account was $33,000. During the month, the company made raw materials purchases amounting to $62,000. At the end of the month, the balance in the raw materials inventory account was $30,000. Direct labor cost was $46,000 and manufacturing overhead was $74,000. The beginning balance in the work in process account was $13,000 and the ending balance was $19,000. The beginning balance in the finished goods account was $54,000 and the ending balance was $50,000. Sales totaled $270,000. Selling expense was $18,000 and administrative expense was $49,000. The net operating income for August was: Answer Selected Answer: $20,000 33.Management of Berndt Corporation has asked your help as an intern in preparing some key reports for August. The beginning balance in the raw materials inventory account was $33,000. During the month, the company made raw materials purchases amounting to $62,000. At the end of the month, the balance in the raw materials inventory account was $30,000. Direct labor cost was $46,000 and manufacturing overhead was $74,000. The beginning balance in the work in process account was $13,000 and the ending balance was $19,000. The beginning balance in the finished goods account was $54,000 and the ending balance was $50,000. Sales totaled $270,000. Selling expense was $18,000 and administrative expense was $49,000. The cost of goods sold for August was: Answer Selected Answer: $183,000 34.The corporate controller’s salary would be considered a(n): Answer Selected Answer: administrative cost. 35.Choice of allocation base should be made based on: Answer Selected Answer: whether the base actually drives the cost being allocated. 36.The three basic elements of manufacturing cost are direct materials, direct labor, and: Answer Selected Answer: manufacturing overhead. 37.An opportunity cost is: Answer Selected Answer: the benefit forgone by selecting one alternative instead of another. 38.Which terms below correctly describe the cost of the black paint used to paint the dots on a pair of dice? Answer Selected Answer: Choice B 39.Buford Company rents out a small unused portion of its factory to another company for $1,000 per month. The rental agreement will expire next month, and rather than renew the agreement Buford Company is thinking about using the space itself to store materials. The term to describe the $1,000 per month is: Answer Selected Answer: opportunity cost. 40.Cost of goods manufactured will usually include: Answer Selected Answer: some costs incurred during the prior period as well as costs incurred during the current period.

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Common Good - 969 Words

Rule 7, 2 of the Augustinian rule states: The degree to which you are concerned for the common good (rem communem) rather than for your own, is the criterion by which you can judge how much progress you have made. This passage synthesizes Augustine’s conviction regarding personal growth in Christian love. It appears in a context wherein Augustine gives the guidelines for day-to-day life in community, a life characterized by mutual service. We have already pointed out the importance of the social dimension in Augustine’s thought. Since human life is social by nature, the development of a person cannot be separated from its social context. The same applies to the new life of the believer in Christ. The new man that is born from the†¦show more content†¦The two-fold commandment of love translates into working for the common good; working for the common good is service. Theological Reflection Common good, as what we have learned, is an act of love. Love that comes from respect for others and respect for oneself. We have also learned that common good means you have to give up those things which you have in excess in order to create an equality among persons because God created us as equals. Common good creates a just and peaceful world because all of the people are in harmony with each other, are affixed to one goal, and think as one mind in Christ. In order to achieve common good we must relieve our hearts with the selfishness and biases that we have against others and we must focus on the universal outcome of our actions. So we have learned that before we act we should first think about the consequences of our actions. We must first ask ourselves of whether we are a help to the community, or whether we are placing a risk to others. So before we end we have prepared a simple thought to ponder upon: We live in a world full of inequalities and selfishness. Love has long been buried in the hearts of men that we forgot that love is the greatest gift our God has ever given us. Let us not forget that how we treat others reflects to how we treat ourselves. May we relieve ourselves from the biases that we have for others and help one another toShow MoreRelatedCommon Goods Testing1535 Words   |  7 Pagesit could lead to major lawsuits and they did not want to deal with these ethical issues. In this paper, I will apply steps A through D of the Utility Test to this case and I will also apply the Common Good Test to this case as well. After comparing and contrasting the Utility Test with the Common Good Test, I will then determine which test is the most informative in terms of my evaluation of the case. Utility Test Steps in the Sole Remaining Supplier Case â€Å"For the utility test (or â€Å"UtilitarianRead MoreCommon Core Not for the Common Good1065 Words   |  5 PagesStatistics, which issued the U.S. report on PISA.† (Heitin). From the outside the initiative, â€Å"Common Core† that President Obama and the government have been pushing since 2009 seems like it would be a great thing for education ,our children, and the future of our society, but once you look closer it is not. I believe that we definitely need serious improvement in the US educational system; but Common Core is not the answer. We as citizens, whether we have children in the school system or not shouldRead MoreIs Education A Common Good?1299 Words   |  6 Pagesmost or the best usually wins. Whether its the most wealth, the most power, the most influence, or when speaking of education, the most opportunity; starting out on top has life altering advantages. Many Americans would argue that Education is a common good, a stepping-stone through whic h students can make something better of their futures. Therefore, should society set up a system to create winners and losers in education? There are also those who believe that serving children, stakeholders, and ourRead MoreThe Main Elements Of Society For Aristotle And Plato1962 Words   |  8 Pagesthe slave, are natural parts in his holistic model of the city. Whereas, Plato considers the household as an apolitical entity which groups private interests that goes against the common and social good. Indeed, Plato will propose to dissolve family ties of the ruling class and to put in place a community of common goods, children and women. First of all, in order to understand the differences for Aristotle between a household and a city, we should first explore Aristotle’s conception of unity asRead MoreRationality Is A Common Good2044 Words   |  9 Pagesâ€Å"Rationalism in philosophy consists of arriving at substantive conclusions without appealing to any data†, stated Ken Binmore. This means that if we think that something is good, meaning that it is good for everyone, we know that we are acting in a rational manner. If it is a common good, is an objective point of view. But, if every good choice is objective, why is it that not everyone prefers the same thing? Everyone chooses according to his or her preferences and beliefs, which are different for everyoneRead MoreThe Common Goods Or Goals Of The Eu1487 Words   |  6 PagesBy definition, a supranational organization is one which, â€Å"extends beyond or transcends established borders or spheres of influence held by separate nations† (Hank s, 1991). This concept is applied to the ECJ as an emphasis on â€Å"the common goods or goals of the EU, as opposed to the separate interests of member states† (McCormick Olsen, 2013). The ECJ effectively balances the member states’ need for representation by retaining a slightly intergovernmental element to achieve the goal of an integratedRead MoreThe Argument For A Politics Of The Common Good956 Words   |  4 Pagesfor a politics of the common good in order to develop and maintain social unity, is based on their idea that the self is constituted by the community. For them, it is not individuals who examine and define their own ends, as such ends have already been developed by, and exist within, a given community. According to communitarians, individuals discover their self by deeply immersing themselves in the community s way of life, internalising the community s conceptions of good, and embracing socialRead MoreThe Issues Of Diversity, The Common Good And The. Essay1380 Words   |  6 Pagesproblems of Diversity, the common good and the Grappling with the idealism and realism, Chaantal Delsol adopts the ideas of many political theorists to paint a picture of ideal international politics by discussing war and international law from a lens of an idealist while embracing the principles of realism when evaluating morality. When discussing all topics, Delsol consistently pushes the need for diversity and how it is necessary for political life and achieving the common good – Aristotle. DelsolRead MoreAnalysis Of The Odds And Against The Common Good990 Words   |  4 Pagesphenomenon, each individual person has a 1 in 175,223,510 chance of hitting the jackpot ( The author of â€Å"Against The Odds and Against the Common Good†, argues that the state lotteries are â€Å"urging people to gamble†. Gloria Jimenez, of whom is the author of â€Å"Against The Odds and Against the Common Good†, creates assumptions that support her stance on her argument. Jimenez also uses the viewpoint from people who disagree with her logic, by stating various counter statementsRead MoreThe Cost of Fighting for Social Justice and the Common Good941 Words   |  4 PagesWhat is the cost of fighting for social justice and the common good? When a person decides to set about on the journey of pursuing the good life they will face many challenges and obstacles. The good life is making decisions and executing actions that in the end will make an individual happy. But it is also satisfying a purpose in life. One cannot attain a good life throughout their lifetime if they did not serve a purpose. Moreover, increasing the happiness of others and society as a whole is another